Plastic injection mould toolmaking, design, manufacture and other services

Euro Moulds will help with the design of your moulded plastic products.

Euro Moulds will visit you, at short notice if necessary, to discuss your new plastic moulding projects or mould tooling issues.

Euro Moulds provide detailed quotations, including schematic mould tool layouts where necessary, to ensure that you get tools that perform with the level of productivity and longevity that you require.

Euro Moulds
use sophisticated project planning methods to ensure mould tools are delivered on time with less hassle.

Euro Moulds supply pre-trialled mould tools, that run first time to help reduce bottlenecks with your injection moulding machine capacity.

How Euro Moulds can help you:

Product Design 
Euro Moulds will take your basic ideas or sketches and produce 3d cad models We can output these models in any file format of your choice. We can also provide photo-realistic images of your proposed injection moulded products for you to use in marketing presentations or advertising.

Euro Moulds manufacture compression, transfer and thermoplastic injection mould tools of up to 1 tonne in weight. Our competence includes multi-cavity moulds, hot runner tools, auto-unscrewing and collapsing core moulds plus many more tooling configurations.


Sub-Contract Machining 
Euro Moulds offer a CNC milling, wire erosion and sink EDM machining service.


Prototype Parts 
Euro Moulds will provide SLS or STL prototypes or  machined  parts in plastic, aluminium or any material of  your choice for fit and function testing or marketing.

Special purpose machines 
Euro Moulds will design and manufacture special purpose equipment to make your manufacturing more efficient
Euro Moulds machine cylinder heads, manufacture spools for Ford English Axles, flywheels, special gears and much more.
Modifications and Repairs 
Euro Moulds are happy to carry-out modifications and repairs to your mould tools no matter where the tooling was originally manufactured.
Using our knowledge and contacts, we are able to supply production quantities of plastic mouldings, plastic extrusions, rubber mouldings, laser cut metal profiles etc. Let Euro Moulds be your 1 stop shop and save you hassle!

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